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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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water. wusa9 was there as workmen huddled as a situation is being worked on for a hopeful resolution to call off the advisory. there have been two boil water advisories in prince georges county in the last few weeks. lynn riggins with the washington suburban sanitation commission says low water pressure is what prompts worry about contamination. >> and that is by the nature of the water main breaks that we've had in those two cases. >> now we should let you know that the water will be tested over the next few days. that water boil advisory went into effect at 7:55 last night. it will be in effect for 48 hours. of course, that could change. count on wusa9 and for more information. reporting live, wusa9. >> well now to the continuing saga of relisha rudd. yesterday we told you about that report, basically, exonerating d.c. officials of any blame for the disappearance of relisha six months ago.
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that same review of city agency found problems and policies that were in place that were not followed. bruce johnson spent the whole day going over those reports. >> yeah, absolutely right. this is a copy of the report. we got it late yesterday. not enough time to look at everything here and get some intelligent questions out. they say they couldn't have done anything for relisha rudd, but there are some things that suggest they can help other young people. city agency said it's a parent's responsibility to protect the child. nobody is going to disagree with that, but there are policies and guidelines that city agencies required to follow and some of that wasn't done, according to this report. >> so the people involved in our review team who spent many years working in this field view this case as an incredibly unusual one. >> an amber alert was issued for 8-year-old, relisha rudd, after a social worker at her school went to the family shelter on march 19 at d.c. general hospital. he discovered the child was not there and not out sick and in the care of a so-called doctor
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called tatum. as school officials say her mother had claimed, after nearly a month of unexplained absences. here's the mother yesterday. >> if she missed them in school, why didn't you call our phone? that's the requirement. it is required for the automatic system to call the parents. >> d.c. school sources said that's not true. the mother, young, deliberately misled them. and the review by the mayor's office agrees, but adds that city policy states school officials should have notified child and family services after ten days of no shows, not nearly a month later. the report recommends the schools report in strict compliance with the law. the report found that re relisha rudd and her siblings were missing 50% of the time. also more caseworkers. the review found that some
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agency workers suspected or knew of cases of child abuse, neglect, or concerns about safety, but failed to report the instances. it also revealed that khalil tatum, a convicted felon was not prohibited from working at the shelter as a janitor and sad members were not required to report concerns about his having unusual access to relisha rudd and her family. >> the difference in this case of actions that a family took that the government had no control over and no knowledge of no ability to prevent made this really different. >> this review is recommending changes, would not have made a difference in relisha's case. a nightly check be done to account for all of the children in the shelter hospital. because the review also concludes that d.c. general family shelter, no place to raise children. >> when i'm sure everyone would agree. a shelter is not the place you want to be to raise children. those people are desperate. let's talk about whether or not there are any other cases like
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this. >> they say no. they say this was an ano anomaly. this was different. the family withheld information. no other case. >> thank you, bruce johnson. >> the 8-year-old whose story went viral after being suspended for shaping a pop tart into a gun is back in the news today. the maryland school board is deliberating whether to cave into pressure to undue the suspension or stick by its superintendent and the principal involved. scott broom is in annapolis where the issue spiraled way beyond what happened in the classroom. >> back when this happened, the whole incident took on a circus atmosphere. >> josh welsh making it to network television. and even being given a lifetime membership to the nra. by the local republican party here. >> if we're going to keep pursuing this -- >> the family's lawyer, robin fickeer insisted this is a case of political correctness run a muck. >> the only reason he was suspended because he mentioned the word gun and said his pop tart looked like a gun.
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>> but the anne arundel county school system insisted all along that the issue is not pop tarts and guns. it's that the incident at the park elementary school where josh was suspended after shaping a pastry into a gun and pointing it at other kids was the last straw. after months of disruptive and threatening behavior, while his parents rejected offers for counseling, adhd assessments and special ed. at a suspension appeal hearing that the school board refused to let us record on video, school system lawyer, lori pritcher said in the months leading up, josh threatened other kids, waved a desk in the air, punched a classmate. 20 incidents in all, including three where the classroom had to be cleared. bob mosher is a spokesperson for the school system. >> on the part of a student and the lengths to which the school has gone to to try to support that student before arriving at this decision. >> ficker who was sharply
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criticized says if he loses the appeal, he'll go to maryland's highest court. >> the anne arundel county school system needs to learn how to deal with 7-year-olds within the school system. rather than excommunicating them to their home. >> and what about josh? well, he is a fourth grader now in another school getting good grades, ficker says, and promising never, ever, to shape a pop tart into a gun again. in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. the anne arundel county school board has not revealed a time line for when they will decide the case. derek. >> right now, that jury has been locked behind closed doors for a couple days now, deciding the fate of former virginia governor and his wife, maureen. we do not have a verdict yet. they have five weeks of testimony and a whole lot of exhibits to go through as they continue to deliberate. peggy fox has been covering this trial from the first. she joins us live from the
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richmond courtroom. peggy. >> reporter: well, derek, moments ago, we saw both defendants separately walking back with members of family back to the courthouse to find out what is up with the jury. after 12 hours now of deliberations, we still haven't heard. and one of the most unusual things is that we haven't even heard they have a question. what does that mean? does it favor the prosecution? does it favor the defense? no one really knows. >> new every morning and i wake up every day filled with hope. >> as he has for every day of this trial, bob mcdonnell spoke a few words. >> as good as it gets. >> his wife, maureen, as usual, is silent. the magnitude of the coming decision is ever present on this second day of deliberations. >> governor, have you had the support from the supporters in the republican party, people you have known for many years. >> republican and democrats. my democrat friends have been
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great and i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the mcdonnell's are accuse asked of taking $177,000 in loans and gifts from jonnie williams in exchange for lending him the prestige of the governor's office and promoting his company's product, anatabloc. >> mr. williams is not going to comment on anything. no comment, back off. you are all being ridiculous. >> the jury is weighing the testimony versus the testimony of bob mcdonnell. maureen did not testify. a fact the jury was told must not be di counts 1 through 11 deal with public corruption and conspiracy. if the jury finds bob not guilty on those 11 counts, it must also find maureen not guilty. according to defense attorneys. count 12 charges bob mcdonnell with bank fraud and count 13 charges both with bank fraud. count 14 charges maureen mcdonnell with obstruction for returning the dresses to jonnie williams with a note. >> let me through. come on. >> a note the businessman
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calls a fabrication. now given a large amount of circumstantial evidence and reasonable doubt raised, some court observers say the most likely outcome is a hung jury. might be reminiscent of the federal corruption trial of rod blag gee blagevich. a second jury took ten days to reach a guilty verdict. we are only on day two. tomorrow, the jury is back again. we still haven't heard whether they are done for the night. we'll come back at 6:00 and let you know the outcome. peggy fox , reporting live. >> of course, as peggy mentioned, if that verdict comes down, it's going to be on air, online, >> police looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman at knife point. it happened on saturday in the friendship heights neighborhood near oliver street and western
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avenue in northwest d.c. the woman tells police the attacker approached her with a knife and tried to take off her clothes while she was able to run away, thankfully, she described the attacker as a black man in his 30s, tall with a dark complexion. one black shoe, one white shoe. dark gloves, white long sleeve button down shirt and dark pants. call police if you have any information. >> sky 9 out over the scene this afternoon after a woman's body was found floating in a pool. this is a home on brooklyn bridge road up in laurel. prince georges county police are calling it a death investigation, but they are still investigating. >> prince georges county on the hunt for a killer tonight. officers found a man's body on 15th avenue around 4:00 this morning. that's not too far from the northwest branch of the anacostia river and new hampshire avenue. the victim had injuries to his upper body and pronounced dead on the scene. investigators have not made any arrests, but perhaps you were in the area at the time, please call police if you have any
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information. in the wake of that unsolved murder, people will gather to mourn the victim and call on residents to be more active in the community. representatives from maryland as well as the victim's family members will all be there at 6:00 p.m. trending right now, why this victim of statutory rape is being forced to pay child support. we'll talk about that and other trending topics coming your way at 5:30. >> a little bit quieter tonight. no big boomers around. if you'd like to walk the dog, we'll show you future cast around 10:00. 79 downtown. low 70s in gaithersburg and leesburg and mid 70s in manassas. we'll come back and talk about the possibility of a couple yellow alerts in our future. >> also ahead, more questions in the michael brown shooting. should his juvenile records be released? stay with us. president obama promises justice after the beheading of a second american journalist. i'm craig boswell at the white house. coming up, the push for united
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u.s. intelligence officials confirmed the authenticity of that video showing the beheading of steven sotloff. justice will be served after isis militants executed the second journalist. here is craig boswell reporting from the white house. >> in his first public remark since the beheading of steven sotloff, president obama was direct. >> those who make the mistake of harming americans, we will not forget and our reach is long and justice will be served. >> when asked if that meant destroying isis, the president focused on reducing the threat to a manageable problem. >> we can continue to shrunk
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isil's fear of influence, its effectiveness, its financing. >> vice president biden said the u.s. will not retreat. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. >> some lawmakers want president obama to act now while the u.s. is already hitting isis targets in iraq. the administration is working on plans for tackling the group's stronghold in syria. >> i think it means a strategy in syria and it means going out to the leadership. >> the president is working on building international support for possible strikes against isis in syria at the nato summit. he sits down with the leaders of the summit. >> the united states did pick up one international partner in the fight against isis wednesday. the united arab emrete will work with the international community to fight the group. is the fighting to an end
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in ukraine? russian president told prerussian rebels to stop advancing. he also called on the ukrainian army to pull back their forces from region. so far, ukraine agreed with putin about the need for a cease fire. people exposing themselves in stores. the first incident happened at a barnes and noble on sudly road on august 24. the second at a harris teter on galveston court. in both cases, witnesses describe a white man with gray hair between 50 and 60 years old. please call crime stoppers at 1- 866-41 tips if you have any information. d.c. firefighters are credited with life saving heroics today. they pulled several people from this burning apartment building this morning on 46th street southeast. residents scrambled down fire department ladders and helped through smoky stairwells. fortunately, no one was hurt. you can see all the damage it left behind. my goodness. investigators trying to figure out what started it.
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the only station with weather alert days. wusa9's first alert weather. >> i am glad that it's quiet out there tonight, top. you tracking anything? >> you and me both, actually. we're going to be tracking stuff as early as tomorrow once again and big time on friday and saturday. in fact, friday could be a yellow alert day. let's start with right now. it's quiet. live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperature 86. dew points in the low 60s. that's a big improvement. relative humidity only 46%. we'll take that. for iearly september. winds calm. okay. your headlines, a little bit cooler tonight t. will be in the 60s tonight, but still, a little bit muggy downtown. seasonally hot the rest of the week and we say seasonally because average high is down to 84. so 88, 89, 90 is hot. isolated afternoon storms tomorrow. primarily west of town. by that, we mean i-81 and west into the mountains.
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again, the yellow alert possible friday for more widespread shower and thunderstorm activity. here's your future cast. want to walk the dog tonight, no problem. 79 tonight. 76 in leesburg. now by morning, some upper 60s finally reappears. 69 in leesburg. even 67 up in frederic. but again, downtown areas, low 70s will do. by 7:30, upper 60s, low 70s. i'm going to ignore that shower for now. it will be well to the west and south of us. but, by 1:00, some showers popping up. i think this is a wee bit overdone and this is actually just updated in the last hour or so. mainly it keeps most of the showers from i-81 westward. laray, out toward winchester and are points west. which i agree with. by 4:00, nothing terribly heavy doing on in the immediate metro area, but some showers and thunderstorms back to the west, out toward petersburg and down to the south toward culpeper and points south. temperatures by 6:00, still in the 80s. still toasty. mid 80s downtown and 84 in
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gaithersburg, leesburg, and also manassas. it will be a dry commute home around the beltway and points near the metro area. you go way out 66, yeah, you're going to have some boomers. by 8:00, some big boomers. look at all the yellows and oranges. that's pretty intense. by 10:00, it is hanging on to this shower south of town at 10:00 tomorrow night, i don't see it. we'll keep an eye on it for you. a little bit cooler tonight. a bit cooler as it were. patchy fog late low temperatures 66 to about 72. winds east, southeast at 10. by morning, partly cloudy, very warm. you'll need your shades again. partly cloudy, seasonally hot. isolated storms mainly west. highs 86 to 90. so, we'll break it down. still 70s to start downtown. 83 by 11:00 and then 86 by 1:00 with some clouds coming in. you saw the future cast. 86 by 1:00. the next three days, isolated storms tomorrow, mainly west of town. and looking at storms again on
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friday. 90. that may have to be a yellow alert day and showers and storms on saturday. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. now, the next seven days, some good news. we're looking at actually a front going through earlier. maybe a morning shower on sunday, looks nice for the nats and ravens and cooler next week. temperatures in the low 80s. thank you, top. tonight, two developments in two racially charged shootings. both involving a white man shooting an unarmed black teen. first in missouri where a judge is considering whether to grant media requests to release any possible juvenile criminal records of michael brown. you may know, he is the young man shot by a police officer last month in ferguson. police say the 18-year-old had no adult criminal record. but in missouri, juvenile records are sealed. now to detroit where a judge has sentenced a man to at least 17 years in prison for shooting a teenager on his front porch. theodore opened fire with a shotgun on 19-year-old,
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mcbride. now, she had been drinking when she crashed her car last november. she banged on his door looking for help. he thought someone was breaking into his home, he was convicted of second-degree murder. >> joan rivers has been moved out of intensive care according to her daughter. her mom is now in a private room where she is resting comfortably. the 81-year-old comedian went into respiratory arrest while "6 undergoing a vocal cord procedure. >> no more smokes at cvs. what is behind this decision in a little bit. and right after the break, a brand-new data base. so you can get the latest information on recalls and used cars. >> and as we head into break. let's take a look at gas prices that are driving you crazy. in arlington, you can get a great deal at a bp at 4625 columbia pike. keep that in mind. you can fill up for $3.30 a gallon. it will cost you 19 cents more. $3.49 to fill up at
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did you know one in four recalled cars never get the needed fix because the owners don't even know about that recall? the national highway traffic safety administration has a brand-new site to help people
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find out about such things and as julie watts tells us, the information could protect folks who are shopping for a used car as well. >> do you know if your car has been recalled? >> no. >> no. >> well, considering about one out of every five cars in the u.s. has been recalled, more cars this year than ever before, odds are you are either driving one or driving alongside one. >> would you like us to check for you? >> yes, please. >> checking for recalls is now much easier thanks to the new data base. simply enter your vin and it lists any open recalls for your vehicle. but while safety advocates call the data base a great tool, they are concerned it may shift on to the consumers and away from the used car dealers who continue to knowingly sell recalled cars. >> we are concerned that dealers are going to try to say, well now anyone can access this so it's up to you to find out. >> unlike most other consumer products, which can't be sold once recalled, there's no law preventing used car dealers
5:26 pm
from selling you a recalled car that hasn't been fixed. >> it's scary if you have a child to think about that. >> and true to the stats, two of the five car owners we spoke with did have recalls. leading many to say the new data base will definitely be a part of their next used car purchase. julie watts for cbs news, san francisco. >> now to get to that site, go to, click on the search for recalls tack. you can find recall information on your car manufactures website. >> all right, coming up later, butt injections gone bad. the ugly price women are paying right here in the d.z c. area. and trending now, a statutory rape victim is ordered to pay child support. a teacher says she was fired for getting pregnant, and ceelo green apologized for really bizarre comments on twitter. >> i don't know what he was talking about. you are watching 9news at 5:00 live from broadcast house in d.c. >> it's weird. what the heck was
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well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms,
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refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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this one is trending now on facebook and this guy is a victim of statutory rape, but he has to pay child support? >> this is really crazy. nick had sex with a 20-year-old woman when he was just 14. he is now 24. so follow me here. he did not even know he had a daughter until he was served with child support papers two years ago.
5:30 pm
he says the woman took advantage of him. he did not press charges. now the state is garnishing his wages to $380 a month until he repays the $15,000 he owes. now i was looking into this story because i was perplexed. >> she has some nerve. >> i think so. but could he file charges? >> it's the statute of limitations. >> that's the thing. in arizona, it might have passed. because i don't know in his particular circumstance. >> that's why we talk about it. >> here's another story getting a lot of attention on our wusa9 facebook page. >> former chemistry teacher was fired from a catholic all girl school in detroit because her pregnancy is nontraditional. barbra webb is openly gay, but her visible pregnancy led to her being fired. the school didn't give her a reason, didn't ask how she got pregnant, but previous conversations with some of her administrators made it clear that officials had concerns
5:31 pm
with her lifestyle. u.s. today entertainment reporter, arian thompson, thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. i'm privileged to be here. >> how happy are you? >> i know. >> she's newly engaged, too. >> congratulations. this is quite some bling, by the way. >> you are blinding us right now. >> hard for me to see. >> are you hearing people are calling 911 because facebook is down? what? >> really? okay, can i just say america, what is wrong with people? merica, what is wrong with people? people are calling 911? >> the sad part is, i heard people call 911, i didn't get enough fries, my pizza is late. why? >> if twitter is down, you call 911, you get over quickly. >> are these comments made from ceelo green. what was he thinking? what was going through his mind? he tweeted that rape can only happen if a person is
5:32 pm
conscious. really? >> he means in terms of the victim. >> so this is a total duh moment for a celebrity. i ask, where are your people? >> your publicist, to shut you up. this is something that is insensitive. he had a court case related to an allegation that he had raped a woman last year. and so he goes on twitter and makes these comments. this is one of the dumbest things that i've ever seen a celebrity do. and it's offensive, obviously. >> at the center of the case is the fact that this woman was slipped ecstasy and she had no idea and now there's thing about him giving her ecstasy. he also said that he does not feel this way and he realizes the comments are insensitive. is he tweeting this? >> it's hard for me to tell. in his apology, he said, i apologize for the tweet attributed to me. >> that was bizarre. >> it was really bizarre. so i don't understand why he would use that language and the funny thing is, when the original tweets came out, he
5:33 pm
deleted them, but when they were out, they were using all this aggrievuation and slang, so you definitely typed those tweets. and then when you come back for the apology, you are very proper. attributed to me. it's like, this is your twitter account and yes, you have an entourage of people, but you have to do better, you are too famous for this. >> i wonder if folks want attention, even if it is unwanted attention. >> this is a really horrible way to get attention. horrible. >> we move on to phil robertson, because we are told he has some controversial ideas on how to solve the isis situations. >> duck dynasty, could they go come on. so he says that the isis crisis, which is very, very serious, he says that the solution to that is to just convert them or kill them. which is how inflammatory is that and how sort of insane is that to say? >> there are a lot of people that say that. he is famous and saying this. he has tons of fans and people who said a lot of other things, too. but he would like to sit down
5:34 pm
with them, he thinks they need a come to jesus moment. >> literally come to jesus moment. that's what he wants to happen. this is not the first time he said something controversial and sort of insensitive. >> they are killing people who want converting to islam. his show, still incredibly popular on a and e. we haven't had a chance, by the way, to talk about brad pitt, angelina jolie and her dress, which i know you have some thoughts about. >> yes. now okay, don't get me wrong. i love brad and angelina. i'm super excited about this wedding. this is the wedding of a lifetime in hollywood, but that dress and that veil. i'm like, angelina, girl, why? >> do you have any pictures of it? >> it was on the cover of people magazine. i don't know if we have any images. she had a dress custom designed and her veil was also custom. she had the designer transpose
5:35 pm
doodles and drawings that their six children had done that they sewed on to the veil. it has 60 or so, maybe 50 and it just looks sort of elementary to me. i don't mean that as a pun. these are kids. but it looks like something that someone who is really young and not with a lot of style would do. it's a sweet gesture. >> she wasn't going for style. and the kids were so involved in the wedding. they wanted to make it a family affair so it wasn't about angelina and brad or the paparazzi or us. but the execution did not quite go well. >> you don't want to do that for your wedding dress? >> i would not be putting appliques on my veil. >> i learned a new word today, appliques. >> the kids wrote the vows and that is adorable. >> do we know what they are? >> it's all secret. >> a woman who wore the blood of her ex-husband. >> i shouldn't be surprised. >> all right, always good to
5:36 pm
see you. >> thanks for coming. >> of course. >> here's our story that a lot of people are talking about. this mexican woman claims she celebrated her 127th birth date over the weekend. she has a reissued birth certificate. august 31, 1887. her grandson says the original document was burned during the mexican revolution. she spent most of her special day sleeping. authorities on these types of issues say a woman from france has the longest documented life span at 122 years old. >> you know you are old when your dontcumes were burned in the mexican revolution. >> no doubt. and some may see squirrels as backyard nuisances. this little fella is cute. he's a tiny squirrel being rehabilitated in d.c. a worker treated the guy with a syringe. what happened to him? i don't know. >> i have never seen anything
5:37 pm
like that. >> i haven't either, very cool. >> when we see topper shutt on the weather terrace with the latest forecast. >> i tell you that, much quieter today. we'll talk about the pollen reading. things are going to change. we're going to go through a different pollen season. low for frees. now the weeds are going to become the main factor. weeds are high and mold spores are high as well. we'll talk about the possibility of a yellow alert on friday and look ahead to the weekend. cvs pulls tobacco products earlier than expected. i'll have the details coming up.
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in tonight's health alert, cvs is removing tobacco products a month earlier than planned. duncan has more from new york. >> cvs is officially extinguishing cigarettes and cigars. removing all tobacco products from the store shelves nearly a month ahead of schedule. >> one of the things we really are hoping is that with this announcement, we'll be able to really impact the number of people who smoke. >> the company released add study from boston and san
5:41 pm
francisco where pharmacies are not allowed to sell tobacco. it show as 13% drop in sales after the bans took effect. >> what it says is, if others are willing to follow, we can make a big impact on smoking. >> many health organizations are praising cvs for the move. tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the u.s. the company is also kicking off a campaign to help people quit smoking. they are adding nicotine gum and other products where tobacco used to be. >> we know these medications work and we know that counseling also helps. and we know that setting a quit date and following through on your quit date is one of the most important things you can do. >> coaching is also available ! to keep people on track and give up tobacco for good, like cvs did. cbs news, new york. >> times have changed. smokers can double or triple their chances by getting counseling, using medication,
5:42 pm
or both. how close are those washington nationals to locking up a spot in the playoffs? we're going to break down the math. that's coming your way in tonight's inside pitch. and right after the break, why more women are turning to the black market for illegal butt injections. we'll have the story. d;
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5:45 pm
well, it's not exactly the face that launched the thousand ships, but kim kardashian did manage to go viral with photographs of her hind parts and she actually launched a new term. as in, butt-selfie. >> a lot of people are going for that look and it doesn't end that well. illegal black market injections to increase the size of their booties. as andrea mccarren explains, some are suffering dire consequences. >> women are choosing these injections over implants because of cost and convenience. initially, there's very little recovery time. and the price is usually a couple hundred dollars. as opposed to as much as $10,000 for implants. >> it's like a wardrobe. just one of those things you do. i don't wear a suit and a tie. that's what i wear to work.
5:46 pm
>> iarahs 81 years old and wanted to boost the size of her behind. so she turned to an option cheaper than implants and illegal silicone injections. >> if you're in a club with 1 00 women, we'll say 80%. 80 wothem done. it's like, you know, you have a competitive edge. >> but her injections went bad. and she is not alone. >> certainly in the last six months, i'm seeing a brash of people who have these injections done who are coming back with problems. >> not only are the silicon injections illegal, they are often mixed with materials that can create horrible, disfiguring reactions. >> the skin, this dark skin feels like leather. like a leather purse. we heard stories of motor oil being mixed with them. we heard the flat, hydrogel. these are substances that go to the kidneys and destroy them. go to the liver and destroy them. >> they can lead to masses of silicone that have hardened. so firm the doctor must work to
5:47 pm
coven soften the tissue and remove it. >> you couldn't get a knife through it. that's how hard it is. >> most of these are done under ground. >> even more alarming, these black market injections are being done at pumping parties. held in motel rooms, private homes, and spas. >> a few of my girlfriends and i ard about this person. so we just went together, got a little hotel room, and had a lits little girls night. >> it's hard to get into these parties. you have to be invited by someone who had injections done before. >> we spotted this ad on craigslist and asked for more information. minutes later, we received a price list from an injector in buffalo, new york. claiming to work with lots of girls from d.c. this person promised results would be immediate and permanent and was even willing to come to d.c. for a $300 travel fee. >> i don't suggest it, i guess
5:48 pm
the main reason is you never really know who is doing it or what they are injecting. >> it's actually scary. honestly, it's scary. it's scary because it is extremely dangerous. >> one of doctor's patients traveled all the way to south america for butt implants. but the surgeon there put in breast implants instead. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> baltimore, atlanta, and new york are currently considered hubs for getting those illegal injections and some have even led to serious illness or death. a lot of doctors shy away from dealing with the aftermath of injections because reversing these toxic shots is nothing you can learn in school. >> always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> all right, sounds like it is quiet so far. >> quiet tonight, a little bit of action tomorrow and a yellow alert on friday. already yellow alert on saturday. you have plans on saturday, might want to push to sunday. let's start with a live look
5:49 pm
outside. high temperature 89. average high 84. still 86, but the good news, relative humidity 36%. that's much improved. remember our dew points yesterday in the mid 70s. at least they are in the mid 60s. winds are calm. so, a bit cooler tonight. i know we are slicing hairs. muggy downtown. seasonally hot the rest of the week. isolated afternoon storms tomorrow, particularly west of town. especially along i-81 and back into the mountains. yellow alert is possible for friday for thunderstorms and showers. some could be hefty for your ride home. all right, 10:00 tonight, 8:00 downtown. 80 downtown. 76 in leesburg. still in the low to mid 70s across the board. by morning, some 60s do appear. upper 60s in gaithersburg and leesburg and the computer is hanging on to the shower. i think that's going to go away. i would not worry about showers in the morning. in the afternoon, yes.
5:50 pm
73 by 8:00. and then upper 60s in the suburbs, which is comfortable and then by 1:00, a lot of showers breaking out. i think these may be too far east, but nonetheless, heaviest activity will by and large be to the west of us. i-81 and west into the mountains. that includes winchester . showers and thunderstorms stay well south and west of us. 87 by 6:00. so, still kind of toasty tomorrow. 84 in leesburg and 84 also in gaithersburg. by 8:00, we're in the low 80s and by 9:00, a couple showers possible. i think most of the showers will stay to the south of us and these showers, i do agree with, they are going to be hefty as we get into tomorrow night. for us, partly cloudy, a bit cooler. some patchy fog late. low temperatures to 72. i would grab your shades. 66 to 84. by afternoon, partly cloudy and hot. isolated thunderstorms mainly
5:51 pm
west. highs 86 to 90. looking at that future cast, you might want to bring an umbrella if you are walking to work tomorrow. certainly oakland, you'll need an umbrella. 84 in cumberland. showers there as well. low to mid 80s winchester. 90 in culpeper, but we'll keep warrenton and manassas and reston in if the upper 80s. 89 downtown. 88 in gaithersburg and rockville. only 84 in annapolis. so, temperatures 70s to start. 75 by 9:00. a little bit better. the low this morning was 77. that's an improvement. 81 at 11:00. 85 at 1:00. now the next three days, isolated shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. mainly west. more storms on friday. per happen as yellow alert. and showers and storms on saturday. yellow alert already. temperatures in the upper 80s. now the front is going to go through. early on sunday morning, leaving us with a nice day. nice for the nats and ravens,
5:52 pm
low 80s and low 80s on monday and tuesday and back in the mid 80s on wednesday. >> starting to cool down after this weekend. some impressive video of the volcano erupting in iceland. of course, getting pictures not an easy task. a reporter drove for an hour and a half and walked for three hours with a gas mask to get these pictures. really? lava was spewing from the volcano since friday. spectacular to see, but that's a lot of work. >> doing his job. at last check, the magic number for the nats now stands at 18, which is still a whole lot of games. but it is reduced every time they win or the atlanta braves lose. that's just one of the baseball formulas used to analyze a season. in today's inside pitch, the professor does the math for us. >> through the magic of math, we figured out that the nats have a 99.2% chance of making the playoffs. that's a smiley face.
5:53 pm
on the other hand, just a .8% chance of not making the playoffs. so ultimately, the smiley guy wins. bryce harper is one of 15 players to hit 50 plus home runs by his 21st birthday. interesting note about this, 7 of the 12 retired players with 50 home runs by their 21st birthday are in the hall of fame. that means 58% of those retired players are in the hall of fame. and that is good news for bryce. in the first half of the season, got on base just 32% of the time. but, in the second half of the season, he has gotten on base a whopping 41% of the time. extrapolate that over the full course of the season and he would be number one in the major leagues in getting on base. something very important for leadoff hitters. and i'm back to this magic number. take 163 minus any number,
5:54 pm
divide it by 2 squared, plus 8, equals mc to the 12th. i sure do love this math stuff. it sure is fun. >> the math is good, the oregon music -- >> that was a good look. >> well, a three-year-old little girl nearly abducted from in front of her home. >> kathy ramirez brings us that story. the story of two parents willing to go to jail to make sure their sick son gets the help he needs. your traffic look ahead. traffic season is once again in full swing. and it's a good time to think about using public transportation. metro along with montgomery and prince georges county and the maryland department of transportation are currently working on improving the z-line bus routes and they want your opinion. now you can attend two open house events and voice your opinion on tuesday, september 9, at the silver spring civic center and wednesday, september 10, at the eastern montgomery
5:55 pm
regional services center. there's no registration necessary. and for more information, log on to our website at for all of your traffic and transportation information, follow me on twitter at
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5:57 pm
: the british parents arrested for taking their critically ill son for spain for treatment are out of jail. cbs's alfonso van march issue
5:58 pm
reports from london. >> a rush of media met him as he is met to reunit with his son, who is being treated for a brain tumor. ash's parents spent three days in custody for taking their five-year-old out of a british hospital and fleeing to spain. >> my son is worth everything. worth me going to prison, worth everything, because they were going to kill him in england or turn him into a vegetable. >> the king family says they removed their son from the english hospital because doctors refused to give ash the treatment they asked for, to fight his stage 4 brain tumor. british authorities launched an international man hunt for the couple accusing them of child cruelty. police found ash's parents in spain, arrested them, and took their son away. >> we said you don't know what is wrong with him. he needs therapy on his legs, on his arms. you need to move him. you need to turn him from side to side. but they said, they are not
5:59 pm
interested. they just want to take him away from us. >> the controversy reached the prime minister office. now that they are free, they just want to be with asha and show him love while he fights for his life. alfonso van marsh, cbs news, london. >> they went to spain to pay for the radiation they want for their son. they reportedly want to travel to the czech republic or the u.s. where that treatment is available. i'm stephanie ramirez in prince william county where a 26-year-old man tried to abduct a three-year-old little girl. >> the atf setting fires in alexandria in hopes of busting more arsonists. i'm bruce leshan, the story coming up. >> after more than 12 hours of deliberations in the corruption trial of former governor, bob mcdonnell and his wife, is the jury close to reaching a verdict? i'm peggy fox in richmond. i'll have a live report coming
6:00 pm
up. >> good evening, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> a virginia toddler lucky to be home and safe tonight after prince william county police say a man tried to abduct her. luckily, her big brother was right nearby and he wasn't having it. >> a grown man asking a three- year-old how her day is, that's not right. >> this all happened right outside the toddler's home in woodbridge. wusa9's stephanie ramirez talked to everyone involved. she got the latest from police headquarters. >> prince william county police arrested 26-year-old patrick rooney right away, but even before police got there, thankfully, someone stepped in. >> it started off as a normal labor day weekend with ariana and her family playing outside of their home. her older sister was watching, but all of a sudden, things turn for the worse. ariana's older sister -- >> the man came and i guess he didn't have no shoes on


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